Opinions of famous Azerbaijani persons, artists and thinkers about Pirouz Dilanchi

Member of parliament prof. NIZAMI JAFAROV
One of the latest representatives of poets and thinkers migrated from Southern Azerbaijan to Nothern Azerbaijan is Pirouz Dilanchi. I worked with him in the same place for a while. He is very strange. At that times, in order to inform the world about the tragedy of Azerbaijan nation, Pirouz was breaking the borders and going to the south and returning here by times regardless of all dangers. He is not only known in the literature world, but also in the politics arena. As the politics is complex, poets can’t function without problems in this arena. There are many examples. One of them is Pirouz Dilanchi! As a literature man while reading the poems of Pirouz, I came to a point that he is the poet of both Azerbaijans. Terminology, vocabulary and expressions in the poems of Pirouz are chosen in way that along with their sincerity and fuzziness, they carry the same meanings in both parts of our motherland. It is one of the best features of his creativity.

Baku 2001